Good morning! Happy Monday.  Last week of Feb, day before Fat Tuesday…shouldn’t it be PHAT Tuesday?!  Anyway, last week was a short but hectic for ya boy.  Many of you have been listening for years and are aware of the relationship between my daughter and I.  This Valentines Day, I traveled to Florida to give her hand in marriage.  Yeah, I feel hella old saying that but, only when I say it.  The ceremony was on a Florida Beach where the weather was 100% cooperative, not too hot, cold, sunny, breezy….just right.  During the couples exchanging of vows, I found out why Valentines Day was the chosen date for their nuptials. Basically…I was responsible for that.  Yep.  You see, every Feb 13th, after my daughter went to bed, I went into action so that, when she woke up, she’d open her room door and find Valentines balloons, stuffed animals, card, and or candy at her foot. One year, I neglected to leave anything (she revealed that she’d gotten in the habit of going to sleep early in anticipation) and it wrecked her entire day.  She said she couldn’t wait to get home and confront me about the lack of a surprise.  My response…..’when you opened the door and nothing was there, you were surprised, right?!’  She says she remembered me telling her that day that she was going to find a new Valentine and, that’s why she chose Feb 14th for her wedding day.  Moral to the story………maaaaan, you shape your children s expectations, even when you’re not aware.  For the record, I’ve returned to making sure I acknowledge Valentines for my Babygirl.  the following year.   Let’s do Monday! 318 320 1021 what’s on your mind?  Pour another cup and turn the radio up……yup.