Good morning!! Maaaaan, I remember this day 30 years ago like…’it was yesterday’ is to cliche’…but, really I do.   Thirty years ago today, I graduated from Marine Corps boot camp.  Yep, MCRD Parris Island, South Carolina Platoon 2068 hatched a bunch of brand new marines, including yours truly on the world.  I remember boarding the bus, leaving for the airport in Augusta, Georgia in uniform with change in my pocket.  The first stop was the gift shop, I made good and bad decisions at that gift shop.  I remember exactly what I purchased….A walkman (I said it was 30 years ago), batteries, New Editions ‘NE Heartbreak’ tape and Rick James’ ‘Wonderful.’  One more item, a pack of Newport menthol cigarettes.  I officially became a smoker that day.  Good news is I haven’t had a cig in almost 8 years.  I remember the flights, quick jaunt from Augusta to Atlanta then, a long ride to San Francisco.   I met Pam on the plane, she was going to meet her newborn nephew in Oakland.  I don’t remember what time we arrived but, it was a sunny afternoon in The Bay, remember the look on moms face when she spotted me.   This is pre 9/11 so, she didn’t have to wait at baggage claim.  I’m telling you, I remember what that day sounded like, how it smelled….my lil brother being amazed at my uniform…the day is vivid.  You know what?  I don’t remember what I had for lunch Tuesday but, I remember the posters on lil bruhs’ walls that day.   Anyway, thanks for letting me share.  I got your Easy Cash code words and more coming up….pour another cup and turn the radio up…..yup.   Follow @albjam on all platforms. Two fingaz.



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