Good morning!  Hope your weekend was dope, sure can’t complain about mine.  You know what I did? NOTHING!!! Really, for the first time in a while, I didn’t do a dayum thing!  Ok, ok, I started Friday at Libby Glass so, I actually did SOMETHING but, after that, nope!  The pic is how I started Saturday morning, I mean, I had to make my own coffee and toast….small stuff.  There are certain artists that, when you play their music on vinyl the journey reaches much further than the speakers ability.  I listened to Nina Simone, Natalie Cole, Stevie Wonder all at 33 1/3!!  The morning just didn’t last long enough. As I think about it now, I could’ve been much more productive but, I’m really free of regret.  Now today is, among other things the first official day of Autumn, what many of you have told me is your favorite season.  I’m in.  This weekend coming up is the State Fair Classic, congrats to our winners.  Today marks just under 2 weeks until the RnB Fall Fest, I know you’re ready, keep listening for your chance to win tix.  Let’s do Monday! Pour another cup and turn your radio up……yup!