Happy New Year!!  Hope your celebration was a kickoff to a dope year.  I think my original plan was to watch ‘The Wire’ marathon style but, that didn’t work out.  Downtown Shreveport…..I wish it looked like that every weekend.  I did have an exciting ride home though.  So…after all the parties, the countdown, and smiles and hug, I summoned an Uber to take me back to the crib.  I guess the fact that he made me walk a block to link up with him ( the traffic was bad downtown), should have been the first sign that this was gonna be a bad ride.  The second giveaway was that he was holding his cell phone, yes for the whole ride.  You know how, when you see your turn coming up and the driver is going way too fast to negotiate that turn? That was the entire ride home, that and hard braking at the intersections.   It was almost as dangerous as not using Uber!  Oh yeah, first #hustlerhoneysearch of the year tonight, come on….let’s kick it.